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Small town roots, nicknamed "homegrown", all about the live experience. These are the things you really want to know when you hear the name Eric Holmgren. Growing up in what most would consider the middle of nowhere, music was one of the only ways to get by without going a direction that would ruin your life. Eric's love for music is about as strong as any, and its a promise that you will Feel that love when you watch him. 

Playing and singing since the age of 6 years old, its no secret there has been a lot of work put into develop the "Eric Holmgren" sound. He has transitioned and made things his own time and time again without losing what is truly his own style. Opening and sharing the stage with the biggest names in music, old and new, like Merle Haggard and Chris Stapleton, has allowed Eric to take notes from the best to make sure hes is doing nothing less! 

You can find Eric playing all over these days so be sure to see if he is playing near you for a show you are guaranteed to walk away from wanting more. Be sure to request is music at your local radio stations and tell them you want Eric to play in your area, and of course make sure you head over to social media and follow Eric to become a part of what he calls Country Friends Nation! 

See you on the road!!